Achievement Program

You're likely very good at some of things you do...but are you up to your best?  

The Achievement Program lets you measure yourself, and gets you involved in positive feedback.

Eventually the AP may lead to your getting the Master Model Railroader award.  And yes, you certainly can get there without building a locomotive from brass sheet and tube!


MER Achievement Program coordinators can be reached via the Division Superintendents

Other Special Awards specific to the MER are described below.

Charlie Flichman of North Carolina is our AP Chairman. Send email

 Ever wondered about having the AP forms be something you could fill out on your computer?
Fred Miller, MMR, has created a few such forms. They are MS Word files. Download links are below


All of the forms you might need are also on the National AP web page.

If you want a judge to pre-evaluate the model in your home and if found wanting give you pointers on how to improve it, contact your Div. AP person. He will either come or send someone you know and trust to go over the model(s) with you. The objective of the AP is to help you learn how to do everything in model railroading better including how to earn merit awards. Picking the mind of someone who has already earned a few awards is only common sense



MER Region-specific Awards

The following will be awarded at the Fall 2014 Convention:
THE CLYDE L. GERALD AWARD -- An MER award given for the best kit- bashed model.
BLUE LANTERN AWARD -- This award is for a model containing not more than 40% commercial parts that best represents branch, short or private line operating equipment and/or facilities. It is sponsored by the Narrow Gauge Car Shop. 
PRESIDENT'S AWARD -- Each convention the MER President gives out an award to a topic that he has announced a year in advance and to the one entry he likes best.
PHILADELPHIA DIVISION NEW MODELER AWARD This award will be given to the first time modeler entering the NMRA model contest at a MER regional convention. The new modeler whose entry receives the highest score regardless of category in the model contest will win the award. A cash prize will be presented by the Philadelphia Division, and a New Modeler Award certificate will be presented by the MER.

And there are several more Special Awards that are routinely announced in The Local and will be on the MER Convention pages such as:


Judging Guidelines

Contest Entry Forms

Entry Form 901

Entry Form 902

Entry Form 903


The Blue Lantern Award

The Clyde Gerald Award

The Favorite Train Award

The Philadelphia Division New Modeler Award

The President's Award

The Pride of Dixie Award

The Ray Bilodeau Narrow Gauge Modeling Award

Great Decals

Best in Show

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