Clinics & Clinicians

   This page is available to assist Officers in the Mid-Eastern Region (MER) in scheduling clinics for NMRA events and contains information relevant to clinics that have been presented in the MER that may be suitable for your event. The index below is the best way to find a specific topic or individual. Every clinic is cataloged by 4 variables: Author -- last name, first; Author -- first name, first; Title of the clinic; and Topic. Please contact the MER Clinics Chair or the MER Business Manager to contact a specific clinician or regarding errors and omissions.

     Clinics are currently cataloged by topics as follows:

By Author

By Clinic

By Venue

By Category




Some potential clinicians are invited to appear at numerous Regional and Division events each year and may they be unable to attend any event without some financial support for convention-related expenses, e.g., mileage, registration, banquet, lodging (perhaps at someone's home).


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